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Recent News


Project Caelus - From the Suburbs to the Stars (2021)

The mission at Project Caelus is to design, build, test, and launch a bi-propellant liquid-fueled rocket to the edge of space while also creating opportunities that introduce young kids to the ever-growing aerospace industry and teaching the community about the importance of STEM education in an increasingly technological world. Through our project, we hope to show young people that it’s possible to do something that has never been done before and that there is no age threshold to exploring science and pushing technological boundaries.


News Archive

Future for Propulsion and Programming Teams

Post discussing current goals and long term timeline for the propulsion and programming team.

Propulsion Cold Flow Update - Launch Box

A brief description of the electronics and software behind our Launchbox, a physical version of the groundstation GUI.

Propulsion Cold Flow Update - Test Stand

Brief post on how the plumbing and tanks fit together on the test stand

Programming Cold Flow Update - Ground Software

An in-depth explanation about our ground software.

Outreach Updates - First board of directors meeting

A brief update on some of the projects the Outreach Team has been working on over quarantine and over the last month

Propulsion Cold Flow Update - Injector & Engine

Brief post on the injector and engine design for the cold flow test

Programming Cold Flow Update - MCL Overview

An overview of the logic behind Project Caelus' flight software, the code that will be on the rocket and is interacting with ground software.

Propulsion Cold Flow Update - Plumbing

A rundown of the propulsion-side of the cold flow test as well as an update as to what we've been working on in the past few months and our future goals.

An Update On The State of Programming

A small update on how programming's doing, what language(s) we're planning on using, and more!